Model Drop Weight* Handle Handle Type Barrel Barrel Notes & Weight Distribution Comparable Typical User
(High school: consider gap hitter bat if power guy)
BB71 -3   15/16" Medium flare in to knob
Just enough knob to catch hand
2 1/2" Shorter barrel for fast swing. Slight barrel weight yet lightest full-size bat C271 CONTACT HITTER for singles & doubles mostly or as 1st high school bat. A solid bat if concerned about weight.
JK5 -3   15/16" Pretty straight in to knob with enough to catch hand. 2 1/2" Identical to BB71 but straighter handle/more knob   CONTACT HITTER for same reasons as BB71 but wants straighter handle into knob as doesn't like BB71 flare
F110 -2.5   31/32" Thicker handle in to a medium flare knob to catch hand 2 1/2" Moderate barrel length allows nice balance & extra durability M110 CONTACT-TO-GAP HITTER wanting little longer barrel. Great for big hands or heavy tape users. Extra durable
R141 -2.5   15/16" Very slight flare in to just enough knob to rest hand on 2 1/2" Nice barrel length (little > F110) So evenly weighted, swings so easy T141 GAP HITTER wants best balance & enough barrel to still do damage. Men's leagues & high school power favorite
B72 -2.5   <15/16" Thinner handle very slightly flares into defined knob to rest hand on 2 1/2" Longer 141 barrel yields more contact area, but still balanced P72 GAP HITTER wanting more contact area+thinner handle. Nice for spraying ball backside plus getting inside faster
W241 -2.5   15/16" Big flare for those who like a more cone shaped knob 2 1/2" Same barrel as R141 Very balanced yields easy swing 280 GAP HITTER who doesn't want to feel the knob. Like the R141, hitter most values balance but still wants nice pop.
MC5S -2.5   15/16" Gradual transition into metal-style, well-defined knob fully catch hand 2 1/2" Slightly barrel weighted, but still reasonably balanced   GAP HITTER who wants to emulate a metal bat grip Little extra inside pitch protection as slopes slower.
R318 -2.5   15/16" Pretty straight handle goes in to a knob that catches the hand 2 9/16" More barrel than gap hitter bat, not as barrel heavy as power hitter bat S318 POWER HITTER who will trade barrel size for faster swing GAP HITTER wanting power bat but without barrel weight
NP13 -2.5   15/16" Average handle quickly flares at end into enough knob to catch hand 2 17/32" Similar to R318 expect barrel stays thicker longer for more balance I13 POWER HITTER & GAP HITTER for R318 reasons, but wants more balance & hand to not rest on the knob
CU26 -2   >15/16" Slightly thicker handle tapers in to just enought knob to rest hand on 2 1/2" Thicker barrel starts taper to handle much faster than typical power bat CU26 POWER HITTER who hits for average versus power GAP HITTER for tad thicker handle/more barrel than NP13
TP13 -2   15/16" Identical to NP13: avg size handle flares right at end in to knob 2 17/32" Same diameter as NP13 but longer barrel for more sweet spot   POWER HITTER likes top heavy feel but wants longer hitting area & durability vs typical big barreled power bat
B455 -2   15/16" Identical to JK5: fairly straight handle & knob to catch hand 2 17/32" Big barrel but weight shifted down barrel so not as top heavy   POWER HITTER who wants big barrel, but not end-loading typical of most power hitter bats, and a well-defined knob.
AP5 -1   1" Slightly thicker handle in to flared knob with small lip to just grab hand 2 1/2" Longer barrel offset in barrel weight by handle & knob for more balance AP5 POWER HITTER wants it all: big sweet spot, balance, bat speed & +durability but has bigger hands for knob/handle
LA43 -2   15/16" Avg diameter handle moderately flares in to knob to rest hand on 2 1/2" Longer, but smaller diameter barrel vs typical 243. Still end loaded   POWER HITTER wants more contact area, average size handle and more durability than typical 243
V243 -2   15/16" Avg diameter handle moderately flares in to knob to catch hand 2 9/16" Large barrel & average handle size makes this power bat end-weighted
C243 POWER HITTER desiring a traditional end-loaded 243. Trades off some durability for feel of smaller (avg) handle
NK43 -2  


Avg diameter handle flares at end where handle would be (no knob)

2 9/16"

Large barrel & average handle size makes this power bat end-weighted C243 no knob POWER HITTER wants traditional end-loaded 243 but with no knob. Trades durability/balance for regular size handle
MC24 -2  


Thick handle transitions in to a fairly pronounced knob

2 1/2"

Long barrel stays thick throughout, giving it decent balance for it's size POWER HITTER with big hands who wants a big, long barrel but doesn't want a lot of end-loaded weight
O267 -2  


Thick handle, slight flares in to a knob to catch you hand on


Oversize, long barrel but more balance than typical power bat   POWER HITTER & GAP HITTER wants a big bat all-over but not end-weighted. No-frills, 1st run ash @great price
P161 -2  


Thick handle goes fairly straight in to knob to rest hand on

2 17/32"

Smaller but longer barrel with slower taper for more durability R161 POWER HITTER with bigger hands gives up large barrel diameter for a more durable bat as he gets jammed alot
* Length of bat less drop weight equals approximate weight, in ounces. Ex: a 33", -2.5 drop weight bat = 30.5 ounces.
Heavier bats can be made when requested.