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Typical User:

  • Power hitter and bigger gap hitter who likes a thick bat all-around.
  • Player that likes over-sized barrels and thick handles.

O267 Wood Bats Stats:

  • 2-5/8" over-sized, cupped barrel
  • 1" thick handle
  • Enough knob to fully catch your hand
  • -2 target drop (length - drop = ounces). +/- 1/2 ounce variance.
  • From Northern White Ash (same quality as for all Phoenix ash bats)
  • Flame, clear coated barrel with a natural handle
  • Bit more balanced/durable than traditional power hitter's bat

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More About Our O267 Wood Baseball Bat


The O267 budget wood baseball bat is a great fit for the power hitter and bigger gap hitter who is looking to save a few bucks but still wants a big barrel to crush it out. The O267 features a thicker handle like the very popular thicker handled F110. But, unlike the F110, the O267 wood bat has a big over-sized barrel.

While big barreled wood bats typically tend to be very top heavy (a lot of weight out in the barrel), the O267's thicker handle helds balance out some of the weight. This makes it a solid budget bat choice for the bigger player who has wanted a power hitter's bat but who has struggled with dropping the shoulder and turning the wrists due to bat weight imbalance. While still a reasonable choice for the bigger gap hitter with bigger hands, just remember the O267 budget wood bat is still considered more of a power hitter's bat and thus won't be as balanced as a R318, R141 or the like.

In using the weight of billet (the tube of wood we craft a bat from) that we do, the wood bat player gets some nice durability. This is especially true for a big barreled wood bat which, traditionally, is less forgiving.

While called a budget bat, the only thing budget about the O267 wood baseball bat is that it comes with standard engraving and finish in select lengths. It's made from the same high quality wood as all our ash game bats. And to make the deal even sweeter, we get the O267 out the door in 2 business days at no extra cost.

O267 Wood Bats Stats:
Barrel: 2-5/8" over-sized, cupped (preferred by most players)
Handle: 1" thick
Knob: slight flare into, with enough to catch your hand
Weight: -2 target drop (length - drop = weight in ounces). Weight may very on O267 +/- 1/2 ounce.
Wood: Northern White Ash (same used for all Phoenix baseball bats)
Finish: flame/clear coated barrel with natural handle
Bit more balanced / durable than a traditional power hitter's bat

Typical User:
Power hitter and bigger gap hitter who likes a thick bat all-around.
Player that likes over-sized barrels and thick handles.

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