Advantages of Wooden Bats

  • More Bat Responsiveness Wooden bats force a hitter to develop better mechanics and approach to the ball by getting more feedback with contact.
  • Improved Strength & Form Wood is properly weighted and more balanced to drive the ball versus artificially light metal bats that produce a golf-like swing.
  • Better Pitch Discipline Swinging at a bad pitch can leave you with stinging hands or a broken bat. By learning your bat's barrel, you'll grasp the strike zone better.
  • Increased Barrel Awareness Learning the sweet spot of the bat is key to making good contact and maximizing the result of your at-bat, for wood and for metal bats.

Advantages of Metal Bats

  • Larger Sweet Spot for More Hitting Area
  • Can Turn Bat-Breaking Pitches into Singles

Most leagues have adapted the BBCOR Rule which limits the pop metal bats can have. These restrictions are to imitate wooden bat properties. Unfortunately, many of these metal bats still cost 3-4 times as much as a quality wood bat and still get replaced yearly. Follows our hitting tips should come out well ahead, financially.

Nearly all hitting instructors and serious ball players understand that its better to hit with a wood bat, even if its just during practice. Training with a wooden bat helps you get the most out of your hitting workouts. Better approach, better mechanics, better contact equals more hits and more power.

Start practicing with a wooden bat as soon as you can handle it. That is what the all-stars of today did. Youth players can check out our Youth Models.

Even if you're using metal bats for games, still train with wood to reap the benefits.

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