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With The Zone SB Trainer, a bat designed specifically for softball players, you will learn where to hit the ball on any bat to get the most power. Once you master hitting there, watch your average rise. It's design came with input from a highly regarded softball instructor that we work with. He recognized that the lessons a baseball player took away from a wood baseball bat were equally applicable from a wood softball bat.

To that end, the Zone SB Trainer has a very long handle that flares up quickly to a barrel. The barrel is only about as long as the sweet spot. This improves hand-eye coordination and improved muscle memory. Regardless of whether you swing a metal softball bat or a wood softball bat, the key to driving the softball further is hitting it in the area on the softball bat that is approximately 2" to approximately 6" in from the end of the barrel. Master it and we guarantee your metal and wood bat play will improve.

The Zone SB Trainer specs:
From the same quality woods used for our other nationally recognized wood softball bats.
-8 drop (length - drop = weight in ounces)

Typical user:
Softball players doing tee work, soft toss and the like to improve hand-eye coordination.

And remember, just like our softball bats, the Zone SB Trainer is covered under the Phoenix Bats Risk-Free Guarantee -- try one of our wood bats for 10 days. If you don’t like it send it back! More details here


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