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softball bats
model weight drop* handle handle type barrel weight distribution
sb2 -3   1 1/16" Thick handle w/gentle flare into the knob 2 1/4" A big bat that is remarkably well balanced
sb3 -5   31/32" Very straight handle 2 1/4" Slightly end weighted, our most popular model
sb4 -4   1" Gentle flare into a traditional knob 2 1/4" Well balanced, a good versatile bat
sb5 -3   15/16" Flared knob 2 1/4" A long barrel that is end weighted for power
sb73 -4   1" Large flared knob 2 1/4" Long barrel is counter balanced by large knob
Bottle Bat NA   1 1/2" Thick to handle to barrel 2 1/4" Nothing but very long barrel w/ a handle attached
* Length of bat less weight drop equals approximate weight, in ounces, of bat. Heavier bats can be made when requested.
most popular: SB3

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