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Training Center

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  • Contact Hitter's Bat
    2-1/2" barrel, 15/16" handle, -3 drop weight 
    Game Bat Relatives: BB71, JK5, and F110
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  • Bigger barrel and more end weight
    than the One Hand trainer
    25-30", maple wood
    Great for 1-hand and short bat drills
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  • Doubles Hitter's Bat
    2-7/16" barrel, 31/32" handle, -2.5 drop weight 
    Game Bat Relatives: R141, W241 and MC5S
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  • Serious about hitting?
    Take time for 1-hand drills
    25-30", maple wood
    Take time for 1-hand drills

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  • Power Hitter's Bat
    2-9/16" barrel, 15/16" handle, -2 drop weight
    Game Bat Relatives: V243, NP13, P2, and B455
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  • Master hitting the sweet spot,
    then watch your average jump.
    Sizes for every age player.
    A great baseball training aid
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  • White Athletic Tape 100% cotton - 10 yards in length

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  • Learn where to hit,
    to drive the softball further.
    Great for improving power & focus.
    Improve your softball at-bats
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  • Pine Tar alternative with no mess!Grip enhancer
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More About Training Center

Get the most out of your off-season and train with wood!

Using a wood bat to practice with:

  • Helps you consistently hit with the sweet spot
  • Develops your timing for quicker and more powerful swings
  • Improves your sense of the strike zone
  • Prepares you for the most competitive leagues

 The TR Practice Bats are the ideal bat models to practice with: versatile, durable and expertly balanced.  No matter what bat you use in a game, metal or wood, the best of the best train with Phoenix wood bats.

About the Bats

TR series bats are based off popular game bat models, the same great wood is used, the bats are cut on the same lathe. The difference is that all TR series bats are strictly Maple and can't be customized (no custom engraving or painting). The bats are available in lengths of 31,32 and 33 only.  Save your game bat for games and rely on your TR series practice bat to take the bulk of the wear and tear during practice and the off-season.

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