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Typical User:

  • Gap/extra base hitter for cage work & BP bat to save his gamer
  • Team looking to improve metal bat play by training with wood
  • 5 to 8-hole hitter: some power but seeks balanced bat to keep bat speed up

TR5 wood bats stats:

  • 2-7/16" barrel
  • 31/32" thicker handle
  • Cupped barrel (preferred by most players)
  • -2.5 drop (length - drop = weight)
  • Maple with natural barrel and handle

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More About Our TR5 Practice Wood Bat


The TR5 is the most versatile bat in our practice series (bats made from 1st quality but lacking the customizable features found in most of our other bats). It's great for cage work and BP, but still can hold its own in game use. If you are somewhere between a power hitter and a singles hitter, this bat is for you. The TR5 has a moderately sized barrel that is not top heavy, giving it great balance. Of the TR Practice Bat series, it's the bat that will fit the widest variety of hitters, making it a solid choice for team practices. The handle is a little thicker, which adds durability, so no need to add tape to this one.

Barrel: 2-7/16"
Handle: 31/32"
Drop Weight: -2.5 (length - drop weight = ounces)
Game Bat Relatives: R141, W241, MC5S
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