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Stand And Salute American Heroes Honor Bats

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More About Stand And Salute American Heroes Honor Bats

Phoenix Bats is a proud supporter of the Stand and Salute American Heroes (“SASAH”) program, a non-profit organization that honors our combat wounded veterans and the families of our fallen heroes. This past season, 7 national honor events and numerous other ceremonies were held, including at Petco Park during a Padres game. In total, over 110 heroes were honored, each presented with a custom engraved baseball bat, the centerpiece of SASAH’s recognition.

When Phoenix was approach by the founder of the program to donate a couple of trophy bats a year to be given to these heroes, we jumped on it but at a far greater level of support then was requested. I am proud of this fact and humbled that we are able to touch the lives of veterans and their families. I have experienced the appreciation first hand, hearing from families about their loved one, meeting so many who I consider true heroes, and learning how, for some, baseball was a part of their life. I hope you have the chance to experience this as well.

SASAH alone cannot reach the so many deserving veterans and active service members who enable us to have the freedoms we so enjoy. So, below, please find a way you can honor a service member or their family by purchasing an honor bat. We’ll donate proceeds from your honor bat purchase back to SASAH.

Three different honor bats are available:

DEFENDER OF FREEDOM bat: designed to honor service men and women who defend or have defended the freedoms we enjoy

PROTECTORS OF FREEDOM: designed to honor an entire unit or base who collectively work, often in harm’s way, to protect our freedoms

ENDURING REMEMBRANCE: designed to honor those service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms

Be it for a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or even someone you have never met (leave the personalized engraving blank and we’ll make sure a deserving individual gets honored), I can guarantee it will have tremendous meaning.

Thank you, thank you SASAH, and especially thank you to our heroes – the men and women, past and present, who defend our freedom.

-Seth Cramer, GM & Majority Owner on behalf of the Phoenix Bats team.

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