Model Drop Weight* Handle Handle-To-Knob Barrel Barrel Notes & Weigt Distribution Typical User
SB3 -5   1" Long thin handle transitions in to a well defined metal style knob to rest hand on 2-1/4" Slightly end-weighted but easy to swing due to weight makes it our most popular model for all MEN'S/CO-REC LEAGUE CONTACT HITTER Light for fast swing. Eases move from light metal bat
SB7 -5   1" Standard size handle moderately flares in to enough knob to catch your hand. 2-1/4" Very similar to SB3: just a tad of end-weight but easy to swing as light...just with a flared knob MEN'S/CO-REC LEAGUE CONTACT HITTER wants light bat but flared knob vs SB3's metal bat style knob
SB4 -4   1" Standard size handle gently flares into a big enough knob to catch your hand 2-1/4" Moderate length barrel and gradual slope make this a well balanced bat with some extra pop MEN'S LEAGUE GAP HITTER wants more pop but doesn't want the barrel weight of a power hitter's bat
SB73 -4   1" Standard size handle in to big flared knob with just enough lip to catch your hand 2-1/4" Long barrel for more hitting area is balanced out by the large knob, making it nicely balanced MEN'S LEAGUE GAP HITTER wants balance & bat speed. Big flared knob replaces SB4's traditional knob
SB2 -3   1 1/16" Thick handle tapers steadily then flares slightly into enough knob to catch hand 2-1/4" Long barrel is balanced out by thick handle giving reasonable balance for power hitter's bat MEN'S POWER HITTER with bigger hands wants max power without end weight of typical power bat
SB5 -3   15/16" Quick taper from barrel to thin handle into a big flared cone-shaped knob 2-1/4" Long barrel into thinnest handle makes SB5 end weighted for power and most popular power bat MEN'S POWER HITTER tapes up his metal bat knob so can't feel it. He wants barrel end weight to crush it
Bottle Bat NA   1 1/2" Short really thick handle leads in to a well-defined knob to catch your hand 2-1/4" VERY long barrel makes for one LONG sweetspot. Needless to say, it's heavy one! MEN'S POWER HITTER goes old school, wanting a heavy bat that has massive hitting area
FP3 -5   31/32" Long thin handle transitions in to a well
defined metal style knob to rest hand on
2-1/4" Slightly end weighted barrel, similar to a typical female's metal softball bat
FEMALE PLAYER 12+ for swing development or slow pitch play, with feel of her metal bat's knob & handle
FP7 -5   1" Tad thicker handle than FP3 with knob that replicates taping it up 2-1/4" Same barrel as FP3, so slightly end weighted making it like a typical female's softball bat FEMALE PLAYER 12+ doesn't want hand on bat's knob as w/FP3, but wants for same reasons as FP3
FP41 -4   31/32" Modern tapered handle slightly flares into knob to catch hand but not press on it 2-1/4" Very evenly weighted barrel makes FP41 favorite for college users even though ounce heavier FEMALE PLAYER 18+ wants balance/feel of modern wood softball bat, with knob in-between FP3 & FP7
KP41 -8   31/32" Modern tapered handle slightly flares into a wide enough knob to rest hand on 2-1/4" Like its big sister, the FP41, it's well balanced longer barrel makes for easy swing FEMALE YOUTH 11 & UNDER to develop plate discipline: level out swing & force use of legs/muscles
OTL3 -5   1" Long and thin handle into a defined knob 2-1/4" Slightly end weighted barrel, creates a reasonable pop FRONTLINE SPECIALIST wanting a light bat with a defined knob. Max power for max control/speed to hit the low line drives
OTL4 -4   1" Standard size handle with tons of pop 2-1/4" A little less end weighted than an OTL5 or OTL73, designed to punish the front line shots FRONTLINE SPECIALIST wanting balance to punish the front line, those learning to perfect the depth shot as well
OTL73 -4   1" Tapered handle into power knob that allows for hard accurate front line shots or touch shots down the court 2-1/4" The well balanced barrel makes the OTL73 the most versatile OTL bat offered HYBRID HITTER who values balance, bat speed...and a big knob... to nail the 2/3 shots
OTL7 -5   1" Standard size handle into a moderately flared knob 2-1/4" Slightly longer barrel with the end weighted feel of an OTL5 or OTL73 but lighter overall weight HYBRID HITTER who likes a moderately flared knob and a light weight
OTL2 -3   1-1/16" Thick handle into a flared knob with a larger contact zone makes for a perfect up-and-out home-run hitter 2-1/4" Longer barrel that is end weighted like the OTL5 but slightly heavier than OTL4 or OTL73 BIG SWING, POWER HITTER counted on to crush it, a "grip and rip" style
OTL5 -3   15/16" Handle goes into a tapered "power" knob 2-1/4" Longer barrel with a heavier and end weighted feel PURE POWER HITTER who tapes up their handle A LOT and for the long ball hitter that likes to stretch the court
Zone SB -8   15/16" Very long handle flares quickly to barrel and into knob with enough to catch your bottom hand 2-1/4" Standard diameter barrel, about as long as the sweet spot SOFTBALL PLAYER doing tee work, soft toss, and to improve hand-eye coordination and muscle memory
* Length of bat less drop weight equals approximate weight, in ounces. Ex: a 34", -5 drop weight bat = 29 ounces.
Heavier bats can be made when requested.