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Typical User:

  • Power hitter wanting a balanced bat.
  • 3,4 or 5 hole hitter with bigger hands.
  • Masher wanting just enough knob to catch his lower hand.

SB2 wood softball bat specs:

  • 2-1/4" barrel
  • 1-1/16" handle
  • -3 in maple and birch (length - 3 = ounces)

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More About Our SB2 Wood Bat


Phoenix Bat’s SB2 wood softball bat is a real old school bat, noted by the thick handle (the largest we offer) and a longer barrel. Like its power hitting cousin, the SB5, it comes in at a -3 length to weight (ex. a 34” SB2 wood softball bat would be 31 ounces). But, the combination of thick handle and longer barrel, make it remarkably well balanced for a power hitter bat.

The SB2’s handle tapers from barrel to handle like a baseball player’s bat: sloping fairly quick in to the thicker handle. It also has a longer barrel than most of our wood softball bats, which gives the offset to the thicker handle, giving the SB2 wood softball bat its balance. Versus the SB5 softball bat, that has a flared transition from handle in to knob, the SB2 features a much more subtle, and smaller, flare at the very end of the handle in to enough knob to catch your hand.

All Phoenix Bats wood softball bats meet ASA standards for wood softball bats (see Rule 3), with a max 2-1/4” barrel diameter. To keep the umpire happy, we mark them with “Official Softball” and "ASA Compliant".

SB2 wood softball bat specs:
2-1/4" barrel
1-1/16" handle
-3 in maple and birch (length - 3 = weight in ounces)

Typical user:
Power hitter who prefers a thick ‘ole handle and longer barrel

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