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Typical User:

  • Gap/extra base hitter for more pop; is fine with some barrel weight
  • Power hitter gives up big barrel for easier swing, still can crush it
  • High schooler with power & muscle gets more pop from barrel weight

R318 Fast Ship Wood Bat Stats:

  • 2-9/16” very slightly end-weighted & larger, cupped barrel
  • 15/16” pretty straight handle
  • Enough knob to rest your hand on
  • -2.5 drop (length – 2.5 = ounces)
  • Free line of text engraving
  • Ships same/next day (see Detailed Overview)

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More About Our R318 Fast Ship Baseball Bat


Avoid the low quality bat at a big box store. Get a genuine Phoenix wood baseball bat, fast! It even includes 1 line of personalized engraving.
Ships out the same business day with natural barrel & handle (order in by noon EST).
Ships next business day with colored barrel & natural handle (birch & maple: black barrel, ash: flame barrel).

About The R318 Wood Baseball Bat:
Are you a power hitter craving to generate more bat speed? Try the R318 wood baseball bat. It is really well balanced (not top heavy) and has a more manageable sized barrel (having a diameter in between that of a R141 and V243) versus a traditional power hitter’s bat. Rip it through the strike zone and still watch it fly when you make contact!

While similar to the NP13, in barrel diameter and that it is a smaller barreled power hitter’s bat, the weight distribution is slightly different. The NP13 barrel stay thicker longer, giving it just slightly better balance than the R318. But, the R318 is still much easier to swing than most pure power hitter bats.

In addition, there is one other slight difference between the R318 and NP13, which really is what causes a player to choose one bat over the other—it’s in the transition from handle in to knob. The R318 wood baseball bat has a fairly straight transition. Many of our pros comment on how they like the feel of the bottom of their hand when gripping it. The NP13, by comparison, has a slight flare at the end of the handle going in to the knob.

R318 Fast Ship Wood Bat Stats: (same bat as standard R318)
Barrel: 2-9/16” slightly larger/slightly end-weighted: more than gap hitter's bat but not as barrel heavy as true power hitter bat
Handle: 15/16” average diameter, pretty straight handle
Knob: enough to catch your hand
Weight: -2.5 drop (length – drop = weight in ounces)

Comparable competitor model: S318

Typical user:
Gap/extra-bases hitter who wants a little bit of barrel weight to do a little more damage.
Power hitter who wants to generate more bat speed. He gives up big barrel for an easier swing, but is still able to crush it.
High school player is a true power hitter: has the muscle/physique to handle the barrel weight for more pop.

Ships Same Or Next Business Day (cut-off: 12p EST*)
- Select natural barrel color → ships same day. Example: order by Monday noon EST → ships Monday
- Select black barrel (maple & birch) or flame barrel (ash) → ships next day. Example: order by Monday noon EST → ships Tuesday
*After 12p EST Monday-Thursday: start date is next day. 12p EST Friday- 12p EST Monday: start date is Monday.

Prefer a R318 wood bat in your barrel and handle color with extra personalized engraving + more?
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Looking for a pack of bats to start your season and want it fast? Two specially priced options:
The 3 Pack Fast Ship Baseball Combo Pack: R318 fast ship, a AP5HD and a Pro 2 model for same hitter type.
The 3 Pack Fast Ship Baseball Bats Pack: choose 3 bats from 5 of our most popular fast ship models.

Not sure which wood baseball bat to go with?
Just like our other first run bats, the R318 Fast Ship comes with the Phoenix Bats Risk-Free Guarantee. Try a bat for 10 days; if you don’t like it send it back! More details here

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