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Color combination choice is personal: there is no right or wrong.
Play around with the color selector to see what looks sweet to you.

Please keep in mind, that finish colors shown are close digital approximations to actual colors. As each piece of wood is unique, colors may differ slightly from bat to bat, and from wood to wood.

The flame finish, what we consider a modern twist on old school classis, is only available on ash bats. This is because ash has a higher moisture content, allowing for the "flaming" of the bat without damaging the wood. Flame handle finish is not available on any bat as it would structural damage the bat.

signifies color permissible for use in professional baseball on a maple or birch bat. Black may be used in addition to the other starred colors on an ash bat for a pro player.

As the vast majority of our players prefer more feel of the wood when gripping the bat, our handle finishes on game bats, practice bats and fungos are not covered with a clear coat after color application (except when you select Clear color for the handle, obviously!). If you would like the handle color on your bat to have a coat of clear added, no problem…and no charge. Just add a note in the Comments field on the Checkout page as follows: "Please add clear coat to handle".

Trophy bats will always have a clear coat over the entire bat, unless requested otherwise.

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