Custom Logo

Prefer your logo to be the only logo on the front of your presentation bat(s)? Select "In place of Phoenix logo" option to have your logo engraved in the middle of the bat instead of the Phoenix logo ($2 surcharge per bat).

Note for logos that are taller than wide: if our engraver operator feels too much detail is lost by placing the logo mid-bat (where there is less space due to slope of the bat), you will be consulted prior to engraving about our desire to move your logo.

When you select "In place of Phoenix logo" option, a modified script Phoenix Bats, similar to as seen at the top of every page, will be added to the backside of the bat, unseen from the front.

If you are fine with our logo and your logo appearing on the front of the bat, as pictured and most common, leave the default option of "Standard (between barrel text & Phoenix logo)".

Either way, please rest assured that, with our experience crafting thousands of these bats over the years, your bat(s) will look spectacular!