Logo & Engraving Color

Choice of color used for both your logo and engraving, except as noted below . 
There are four colors to choose from: Gold, Silver, White and Black.

To insure visibility, some logo & engraving colors cannot be used with certain barrel colors:
White – not available on Natural and Clear barrels
Black – not available on Black, Smoke, Cherry and Navy Blue barrels.

For Flag logo selection (available on modern game bats and training bats only):
Production will select the engraving color. Should you desire a certain engraving color, 
from those available, feel free to add a note in the Comments field on the Checkout page.

For Natural barrel color selection on modern game bats and training bats:
On modern game bats and training bats, only the Phoenix logo will be in the color chosen. 
Engraving on natural barrel color bats is not filled in with any color.  

For Trophy Bats with a natural barrel or handle:
Any engraving on trophy bats with a natural barrel or handle is not filled in with color. 
All other colors will use the engraving color selected for any text and for any logo.

For All Vintage Bats: 
Any engraving is not filled in with color for a more “old school”, authentic look.

What Does It Look Like When Engraving Is Not Filled In?
When engraving is not filled in, the natural brownish color from the laser engraver burning 
in to the wood is seen. As wood is a natural species, slight color shade variations may 
appear within natural engraving. Don't worry: it still looks great!

Unsure of which color to go with? Select "MOST POPULAR". 
Production will select a good look for you!