"Traditional Logo Placement & No Ink Dot" vs "Pro Style Logo Placement & Ink Dot"
(For Maple & Birch Bats Only)

Ink Dot:
For our Big Leaguers and the Minors maple & birch bats, we're required by the "powers that be" to put a dot of ink on the bat's handle. This dot is used to measure the straightness of grain from barrel to handle. Straight grain = a more durable bat. Because ash is a very grainy wood, for which the grain straightness is highly visible, we do not need to apply an ink dot to any ash bat.

Our mill is one of the very few that splits wood, insuring a straight grain line every time. So ALL of our customers' baseball bats pass the ink dot test, regardless of whether the ink dot is applied or not.

Label Rotation:
In addition to the ink dot, for pro player's maple and birch bats, we have to place our logo 90 degrees from where it has been located for years. With this change, the age old rule of "logo facing the sky" will cause you to hit on the weakest side of the bat. So, to help insure that you are hitting on the strongest area on the bat (where the grains are stacked), when we must ink dot a bat, we orient our ink dot so that it should be facing the sky when making contact with the baseball.

Select "Pro Style Logo Placement & Ink Dot" to replicate the exact look of a pro player's bat. Just remember to use the ink dot as your reference point when making contact with the ball.

Select "Traditional Logo Placement & No Ink Dot" to stick with the way it's been done for years. And remember to have the Phoenix logo facing the sky when striking the ball,

We're committed to providing a quality bat every time...to every player.