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Typical User:

  • Bigger player wanting to hone swing mechanics
  • Hitter who incorporates drills in to his training
  • Uses a shorter bat off the tee for one hand drills
  • Likes bigger barrel for 2 hand drills for feel of squaring it up

PB 1-Hand Wood Bat Trainer Specs:

  • 2-1/4" barrel
  • 15/16" handle transitions quickly from barrel
  • -5 drop weight (length - 5 = ounces)
  • Maple for plenty of durability
  • Best length: 5" less than game bat

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More About Our 1-Handed Drills PB Wood Bat


To insure proper form, there is nothing better to refine your swing mechanics then by practicing with a short bat. It forces you to pay attention to the different elements of swing mechanics. If you are serious about hitting, spent part of your training time on drills.

Hitting balls off a tee, start by taking 15-20 one-handed swings, first with just your top-hand on the bat in its normal game bat position and then hitting with your bottom hand in normal position. This helps ingrain proper form: keeping your shoulder tucked in, elbow close to your body, staying through the ball when you follow through. Without distraction of pitch location, speed or other variable out of your control, you are able to focus on establishing a great swing.

The PB one-hand drill training bat is great for any player as it offers a smaller diameter barrel, helping keep the weight very manageable. An added plus is the extra hand-eye coordination development it yields. We recommended going with a PB wood bat trainer 5" shorter than your game bat. Coupled with the barrel size, the weight is well distributed, allowing you to get the PB 1-hand trainer through the hitting zone with ease. If you are late in high-school or post-high school and are a big guy, consider the PB43 with a bigger barrel, emulating a power hitter's bat.

PB 1-Hand Wood Training Bat Stats:
Barrel: 2-1/4"
Handle: 15/16"
Knob: slight flare in to with enough to catch your bottom hand
Length: 25-30"
Weight: -5 Drop (Length - Drop = Weight in ounces). Ex: 27" - 5 = 22 ounces
Wood: Maple for durability

Typical User:
Any player working on each part of the swing, individually.
Hitter looking to incorporate tee work in to a training regimen.
Player wants max control when doing 1-hand drills.

What length PB wood training bat should you go with?
We recommend 5" less than your game bat. When you couple the shorter length with the weight , you're insured of proper form as you practice.

Not sure which training bat to go with?
You're covered! With the Phoenix Bats Risk-Free Guarantee, try a bat for 10 days and if you don’t like it send it back. More details here

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