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Wood Types

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When our mills tell us we are the pickiest of the bat manufacturers -rejecting wood others will accept - we take it as a badge of honor.

Phoenix Bats is proud to offer the finest quality Rock Maple, Yellow Birch and Northern White Ash bats. Due to weight and/or dimension requirements, as well as to insure maximum durability and swingability, we make certain bats in one wood type versus the others. Please see the chart below for general differences between the woods.

Baseball Bats are available in all three woods, depending upon the type of bat selected.
All softball bats (except the ash Bottle bat) are made from the same Rock Maple as our baseball bats.
Youth Bats are made from a maple species that offers greater durability and proper weight for a youth.
Youth transition bats are made from all three woods, depending upon the model and target weight.
Vintage bats are made primarily from Northern White Ash for historical accuracy
Fungos are made from a maple species for durability and to make it easy to swing over and over.
Presentation bats / trophy bats are primarily made from Rock Maple for clean crisp engraving.

Regardless of the wood and model selected, we're confident you'll see…and feel…the difference.

"Solidness" of wood: Strongest all around, most dense - not much "give" Closer to maple but with
some of the flex of ash
Less dense/strong allowing wood to flex more
Grains: Less visible (engraves best) Similar to maple Very visible
Pros: Most pop for biggest hits
Best inside pitch protection
Used by more pros
Closer to maple's pop
Best if mishit all over the bat
Good choice if new to wood
Less hand sting when mishit
More forgiving on mishits off end
Only wood can get flame finish
Cons: Doesn't do well with end shots
Stings a tad more on mishits
Must hit awhile to get max pop Most unforgiving if held wrong
Not as durable vs inside pitches

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