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Typical User:

  • Baseball coach for hitting grounders to infielders
  • Softball coach looking for an all-purpose fungo

Pro Fungo specs:

  • 2-1/4" standard fungo diameter barrel
  • 15/16" handle in to defined knob to catch hand
  • -12 drop weight (length - 12 = ounces)
  • Maple species for durability/swingability

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More About Our Infield Fungo Wood Bat


The infield fungo is an old school classic that has endured the test of time.
Featuring a slightly flared handle transition in to the fungo knob, it's great for hitting grounders to the infielders.
For softball coaches, the slower transition from handle to barrel make it a solid choice for grounders and fly balls.

All of our fungos are made from maple for extra durability. So, don't plan on seeing us for a fungo for a while after you purchase one...they last!

Infield Fungo Wood Bat Stats:
Barrel: 2-1/4" standard diameter
Handle: 15/16" with slow transition from barrel
Knob: slight flare in to enough knob to catch hand
Weight: -12 drop (length - drop = weight in ounces). Ex: 34" - 12 = 22 ounces
Lengths: 32" - 36" (34" is most popular)
Wood: made from maple for swingability/durability

Typical User:
Baseball coach to hit infield practice
Softball coach to hit grounders and fly balls

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