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Typical User:

  • 12-13 yr old wants full size barrel to get ready for high school ball.
  • Too big for youth bat but not ready for weight of full size bat.
  • Hitter wanting to level out swing and master form to drive ball.

DR100 wood bat stats:

  • 2-1/2” high school size barrel
  • 15/16” modern, slightly flared handle
  • Evenly balanced throughout
  • -5 drop (length – 5 = ounces)

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More About Our DR100 Wood Bat


The DR100 wood baseball bat is the perfect transition bat for the young player moving from a youth bat to a bat with a full size barrel.

Normally, at age 12-13, a hitter outgrows his/her K455, K240, or K271 wood youth bat. This is a result of physical size, league requirements and/or the speed of pitching now faced. Stick with a youth bat and the chance of breaking the bat increases greatly. Go to a full-size barrel too soon and your young hitter starts picking up bad habits (like dropping the shoulder and dragging the bat through the strike zone).

Enter the DR100 to save the day! It features a full-size barrel, of same diameter as our pro series BB71 and JK5 wood bats. This gets the hitter used to swinging a bigger barrel wood bat like they will have to swing no later than high school age. And, because it is designed specifically as a transition bat and made from the same quality wood we use for all our pro series wood bats, it comes in at only 2-3 ounces heavier than our youth bats, but still at least 2 ounces lighter than a pro series bat.

DR100 Wood Bat Specs:
2-1/2" well balanced barrel (same diameter as a high school age requirement)
15/16" handle with traditional wood bat knob that catches hand
-5 drop weight (length minus drop = weight in ounces. Ex.: 31" = 26 oz)

Typical user:
12-13 year old who wants to get ready to play high school baseball .
He wants a pro wood bat handle & knob but needs a lighter weight for his age.

DR100 Fast Ship Available!
Want a DR100 really fast without any rush fees, but still with free text enrgaving? Check out the DR100 Fast Ship (same specs as above DR100).

Little League Wood Bat Compliance:
Per Little League Rule 1.10, Junior League wood bats shall not be more than 34 inches in length; nor more than 2 5/8 inches in diameter, and if wood, not less than fifteen-sixteenths (15/16) inches in diameter (7/8 inch for bats less than 30”) at its smallest part. All Phoenix Bats youth wood bats meet or exceed Little League standards.

Give your young hitter the chance to keep improving his/her game with the right bat at the right age...without risk.
Try the DR100. If your tween is not satisfied with his or her selection, that wood bat can be returned for a refund or exchanged within 10 days of purchase. The Phoenix Bats Risk-Free Guarantee is just one more reason that it’s time for every ballplayer to switch to the safety and affordability of a Phoenix youth wood bat. More details here

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