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Budget Baseball Bats

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  • Contact Hitter Budget Bat
    Barrel tapers quickly to a straight traditional handle
    2-1/2" barrel, 15/16" handle, -3 drop weight

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  • Gap Hitter to Power Hitter Budget Bat
    Big oversized barrel tapers to a thicker handle
    2-5/8" barrel, 1" handle, -2 drop weight

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More About Budget Baseball Bats

Just getting back in to the game or starting to play wood bat baseball and worried about breaking bats? Looking for a wood practice bat to save your gamer? Just trying to save a few bucks without having to resort to the low quality wood bats found in a big box sporting good store?
Meet Phoenix Bats Budget Baseball Bat Line -- low frills, first run, game worthy wood bats that are designed for durability and for price.

The R5 is a great choice for the gap to contact hitter.
The O267 was designed for the power hitter.

How are we able to offer a first run bat at a lower price point? Phoenix's budget baseball bats are designed to utilize a certain weight of wood billets (the tubes of wood we turn bats from) that we can't craft in to baseball bat models featured under the Wood Bats subcategory. So, it only makes sense to create a win-win for us and for our customers who are looking for a cheaper alternative: wood baseball bat models that utilize these billets, designed for durability and finished without the bells and whistles to further keep the cost down. Bottom-line: you still get a high quality wood bat (same quality as our other first run bats) to enjoy wood bat play.

As our founder, Charley "Lefty" Trudeau says "Every player at every level of play deserves a high quality wood bat. To offer otherwise is cheating the customer out of a great wood bat experience." This rings true for our budget bat line, as well.

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