• Baseball Infographic via Phoenix Bats

    Posted on: January 27, 2012

    How Much Time Does It Take for a 95 M.P.H. Fastball to Reach Home Plate? How much time do you, as a batter, have before you need to decide to swing the bat? At what point between the plate and the pitcher’s mound can you tell what kind of pitch it ...

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  • Interview with Kasey Schweitzer, Kansas City Royals’ Manager of Special Events and Promotions

    Posted on: August 4, 2010

    As I mentioned in my blog entry about Kansas City, Phoenix Bats held a Billy Butler Youth Replica Bat giveaway on July 18th with the Kansas City Royals and Fox Sports Kansas City. For this giveaway, Phoenix Bats worked arduously with the Kansas City ...

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  • The Kansas City Experience with Eitan the Intern

    Posted on: July 27, 2010

    If I could describe to a person all of what Kansas City has to offer within the confines of one intersection, I would point to the corner of 18th and Vine Street outside downtown Kansas City. The intersection of 18th and Vine remains an integral part...

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  • Interview with Catcher Chris Gimenez

    Posted on: July 20, 2010

    A few weeks ago, I was able to interview then Clippers catcher Chris Gimenez. As of July 10th, Chris was called up by the Cleveland Indians as a backup catcher. I spent some time with Chris in the Clippers clubhouse and asked him about his time in bo...

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  • Interview with Clippers Director of Clubhouse Operations George Robinson (Part I)

    Posted on: July 7, 2010

    Recently I had the privilege of meeting George Robinson, the Director of Clubhouse Operations for the Cleveland Indians AAA affiliate, the Columbus Clippers. George is a veteran in the Clipper organization, having been in Columbus since the early day...

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  • Baseball’s Best Life Quotes

    Posted on: March 1, 2010

    As we face the coming of a new baseball season, where the love of family takes a back seat to the love of the game, I thought I would share some of the best life/baseball quotes I could find from some of the greatest people to ever be part of the gam...

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  • The 12 Wood Bats of Christmas

    Posted on: November 11, 2009

    On the 12th day of Christmas Phoenix Bats gave to me: 12 Pieces of Phoenix Bats gear, including hats, t-shirts and batting gloves. 11 Phiten necklaces, giving baseball players more body energy throughout a long season. 10 Days to try out any bat, as ...

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