How to Choose the Wood Baseball Bat that Fits Your Hitting Style

What kind of hitter do you want to be? You can take a big step toward that goal by starting with the right piece of lumber in your hands. Whether you want to be someone who drives the ball into the power allies, a contact junkie knocking it all around the park, a softball slugger or a big league bopper, it starts with the right wood bat. It’s all a matter of options.  Wood bats not only provide the purest form of baseball and the only baseball bat allowed in the big leagues but they give you more options than any piece of aluminum or graphite on the planet. The right wood bat can be the tool that takes your plate production to the next level.

Let’s start with the type of wood. This feature has been linked to the hot topic of an increasing number of broken bats in all kinds of wooden bat leagues. Some experts have linked this issue to a player selecting the bat material that fits his or her hitting style. If you are looking for more pop, any Phoenix model made out of Rock Maple is the way to go. Phoenix White Ash bats provide a huge sweet spot for all you spray hitters out there. We have also seen the future of this industry and started making all-wood composite bats that offer power, strength and longevity.

The most important option is the balance of the bat, finding the perfect proportion of length to weight. This feature is where broken bats may come from. A player must truly know what he or she is looking for when it comes to shape and size, in order to keep cracking the sweet spot and not the barrel.

The industry standard wood bats typically weigh between 2 to 4 ounces less than the number of inches the bat is long. The -3 ratio (30”-27ozs.), for example, is standard on most Phoenix Bats. However, the height, weight and strength of the hitter plays the biggest factor in balance. Finding the right ratio can be done with one afternoon at the batting cages. If you need more bat speed you may have to move closer to the plate, sacrificing length and barrel width. The opposite goes for stronger hitters that need more range at the plate. No matter what your comfortable ratio may be, Phoenix also produces custom bats perfect for your power or contact swing.

Comfort is the key and one should not select a bat without swinging it at some live pitching, which is why you should take the Phoenix Challenge. You can try any bat we make and return it within 10 days if you are not completely satisfied. Find the right fit and start driving in runs.

Check out our helpful bat selection guide here.  Whether you are a baseball, softball, youth or vintage baseball player, this guide will help you find the perfect wood bat to elevate your game.

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