Everything You Need to Know About Trophy Gift Bats

It’s getting close to that time of year when we begin stressing over what gift to give the family member who has every gadget, the team member who has enough plaques and crystal awards, and the client who repeatedly receives a gift basket.

When the same-old won’t cut it, personalized wood trophies and award items will really knock it out of the park!

Why Give a Personalized Gift from Phoenix Bats?

A unique promotional gift with Phoenix Bats delivers customization and personalization at a price point accessible to all givers. These become keepsakes, noticed by all in an office, on a mantle, or in the man cave.

What Types of Personalized Gifts does Phoenix Bats Offer for a Baseball Fan?

With many people out there having grown up a baseball fan or having played baseball or softball, the most popular wood trophy item remains the trophy bat.

Trophy bats typically range from a full-size baseball bat all the way down to an 18” mini bat, reminiscent to giveaways you may have received at the ballpark as a kid. We also offer softball bats and junior presentation bats.

Full-Size Wooden Trophy Bats

Farmers Insurance Trophy Smoke

For the biggest impression and most personalization, the full-size trophy bat comes in as the top choice.

Often, you can select barrel and handle color, which is rare on smaller trophy bats. But, from experience, we still find bats with the same color barrel and handle to be the most impressive. An all black or all cherry trophy bat is especially classy, and even more so when coupled with gold engraving.

Customizing Full Size Trophy Bats

You can choose from 17 colors to find the perfect match for your trophy bat gift. In addition, you can add personalized features, like logos, names, numbers, and more.

Typically, there are two methods for adding text and/or a logo to a full-size trophy bat, including laser engraving, and screen printing or decaling.

Laser Engraving into the wood (about 1/8th of an inch) gives the bat the most personally crafted feel. This method offers the highest contrast, and ultimately the best quality.

Screen printing or decaling, while economical for mass-produced items, lose their luster as display pieces. These methods lack as much contrast as laser engraving and lack the visual depth that makes laser engraving stand out.

While decals allow for multiple color usage, they tend to cheapen the look of the bat. When used in combination with laser engraving, decals become the visual focus, pulling your eyes away from what should be focused on (the personalization).

For crisp engraving, trophy bats made from maple will give you the best possible result, and birch comes in a close second place.

The amount of available text engraving varies by manufacturer, however, the most common engraving is a person’s name and title on the barrel, along with any other important piece of info. Get personal with this – and have a little fun!

While rare in offering, handle engraving adds a personalized message. Plus, it acts as a visual balance to the barrel. To really kick it up a notch, consider adding your logo or a monogram. Most wood bat crafters can accommodate this popular choice for companies, teams, and even wedding party gifts.

Mini Wooden Trophy Bats

When you’re purchasing for a group with a limited budget, the most economical option is mini trophy bats. They’re a great gift for youth teams, and for those recognitions and giveaways where a limited budget has to stretch over more recipients.

Customizing Mini Trophy Bats

Engraving mini bats are also done using either laser engraving and screen printing or decaling, but it isn’t quite as impressive as on full-size bats. There’s a lot less room, horizontally and vertically, to work with on mini bats, so you might need to get a little creative with engraving.

The amount of engraving offered varies by the wood trophy bat crafter. Things to keep in mind include:

If handle engraving is offered, 3 lines of text is typical on mini bats

As the engraving height is less than one inch, everything appears significantly smaller on mini bats than on the bigger trophy bats

Custom logos are often challenging on mini bats. Logos with a horizontal orientation have the best chance to be legible. Logos that are very detailed will lose small details due to the condensed sizing required for mini bats.

Admittedly, mini bats just don’t compare in “classiness” to the full size or junior trophy bats. But, they still make a fun gift for young fans and players – and have a nostalgic feel for older recipients, too.

Now Introducing...the Mega Size Golf Tee!

Mega Golf Tee Green and White

While trophy bats have been around for years, we at Phoenix Bats were thrilled to introduce an exciting new wood crafted trophy: the mega size golf tee.

What is a Mega Size Golf Tee?

Formally introduced earlier this year, our mega size golf tees are exactly what they sound like—large, golf tees that you can customize to make a novelty gift. They come in 17 color options, and two sizes (16.5” and 34”).

Targeted for golf outing awards and the avid golfer at work or in the family, these oversized golf tees offer many of the customizable features that are available for trophy bats.

Both the 34” mega size golf tee and the 16.5” junior golf tee allow for ample text engraving and the addition of a logo. Plus, like the trophy bats, they come in 17 different colors!

Junior Golf Tee Royal

Night Sticks, Tire Thumpers & More Customizable Gifts

In addition to bats and golf tees, we offer a number of other wood crafted and fully engraved, personalized offerings. These include:

Nightsticks for law enforcement, available in 2 sizes (33” and 22”)
Tire thumpers for those in the transportation industry (modeled after a club used by truckers to test tire pressure). Available in 2 sizes: 30” and 19.25”.
Military recognition bats to honor and salute American heroes

And perhaps the most interesting wood trophy product seen has been baseball bats with a shovelhead for groundbreaking ceremonies.

How Can I Find Reputable Customizable Gift Suppliers?

For distributors looking to offer unique, highly personalized items to their clients for corporate gifting, trade organizations such as PPAI and SAGE (the leading provider of research and business management tools for the promotional products industry), play an important role. They act as a clearinghouse for reputable suppliers to the promotional products industry. Suppliers must be recommended for entry, and are rated by members of the promotional products industry. These are the promotional products firms who purchase from suppliers (ex., a bat company) for the companies who are their clients.

Some might consider it a seal of approval. Phoenix Bats is proud to have been accepted into both organizations (PPAI #691196, SAGE #51038, UPIC PHXBAT). Phoenix Bats was recently named a 2017 A+ supplier by SAGE based upon distributors giving the Company the highest rating possible.

Finally, be sure to ask your supplier if they crafted the items they are engraving. Nothing matches the craftsmanship and wow factor of a trophy bat, golf tee, nightstick, or tire thumper made from American hardwoods by a domestic manufacturer.

If you’re ready to check out some options, browse our selection of trophy & award gift bats. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re more than happy to assist in finding the perfect customizable novelty gift for your next special occasion.

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