Introduction to Eitan the Intern: Do you know the way from San Jose?

Hi, my name is Eitan and I am interning here at Phoenix Bats. I am spending the next couple of months blogging about everything and anything related to behind-the-scenes work at Phoenix Bats.

But before I tell you what I will be doing with Phoenix Bats, I should probably tell you a bit about myself. I come from the beautiful city of San Jose, California and I will be a sophomore at The University of Arizona this fall. I am a huge baseball fan which is a relatively good trait to have if you are interning for a baseball bat company.

Today was the first day of my internship here at Phoenix Bats. Managing to keep my eyes awake (waking up at 3 AM for a flight the day before is not very enjoyable), I miraculously made it to the Phoenix Bat office bright and early this morning with Phoenix Bats GM Seth Cramer.  Shocked to learn I would not be making coffee runs on my first day of work, I did find some tasks that I have to do over the next few days. Here are some examples:

  • Weighing bat billets (tubes of wood that come in from our mill) with wooden bat guru Joel
  • Preparing the office and factory for tour groups
  • Heading with Charlie “Lefty” Trudeau to the home of the Columbus Clippers, Huntington Park, to talk with minor-leaguers
  • Posting Tweets and Facebook updates for Phoenix Bats

Those tasks definitely seem better than coffee runs. In any case, I’m out for now, I will talk you later. Feel free to email me at if there are any specific blog topics you want me to write about.


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