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  • All about Wooden Softball Bats

    Posted on: August 22, 2019

    A lot goes into picking the right bat for you, and we at Phoenix Bats want to make sure you’re making the most informed decision every time you buy. Today we’re going to focus on softball bats; this handy guide explains the difference between woo...

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  • The Art and Science of Baseball

    Posted on: August 8, 2019

    If you couldn’t tell, we’re pretty into wood bats. In our unbiased opinion, they just might be the single most important human invention of all time. Hyperbole aside, we’re incredibly (and understandably) proud of our bats, and we take great pa...

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  • Learn How to Avoid Getting Beat By a Curveball

    Posted on: February 12, 2018

    As young baseball players develop their hitting skills (hopefully while using a high-quality wood bat from Phoenix Bats!), they don’t see much pitch variety. Typically, they have not seen a baseball breaking towards them or moving away from them, p...

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  • Practice Makes Perfect: The Story Behind the Fungo Bat

    Posted on: January 24, 2018

    Editor's Note: Looking to learn more about purchasing a fungo bat and which type is right for you? Check out this post on what you need to know before purchasing a fungo bat. What is a fungo bat? Fungo bats are designed for practice and used by co...

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  • How To Pick The Right Bat Size For Youth

    Posted on: January 4, 2017

    If you are big enough to swing an aluminum bat, then you’re big enough to benefit from a wood bat. Wood bats develop proper swing form. So, how do you choose the right size bat for your slugger? It’s primarily about length and drop weight (known ...

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  • Baseball Bat Buying Guide: What You Need to Know

    Posted on: November 8, 2016

    Figuring out exactly which baseball bat to use can be a challenge. There are many things to consider when choosing your perfect bat. Here are the basic components to keep in mind, as well as some definitions and advice based on your age and skill lev...

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  • The 10 Greatest Defensive Baseball Plays Of All Time

    Posted on: June 17, 2015

    Every year, we see new spectacular plays from the defensive maestros of Major League Baseball. As exciting as any homerun, an amazing defensive play will get crowds roaring. When those plays come at key moments in big games, the feats become legenda...

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