4 Reasons You Should Head Out To A Local Farm Team Game This Week

Thank goodness spring is finally in full swing. It’s time to dig out of the winter funk, take in some sunshine, and catch a game at the local park. What better way to get out into the warm weather than by taking in a local farm league game? Stocked with 240 teams, odds are high there’s a team in or near your city. Here are our top 4 reasons you should head out to support your local farm team this week:

It’s an experience, not just a game.

Farm games are set up with one thing in mind: give everyone a good time. As such, hosting teams go out of their way to engage the crowd between innings with special contests, giveaways, and even races. Whether you’re taking the kids out for an evening, or looking for a fun date for the weekend, these games are guaranteed to be well worth the price of admission. Speaking of that price...

No need to break the bank to catch a game.

An outing at a big league park adds up quickly. Farm games, however, are shockingly affordable. Ticket prices typically fall under $10 a ticket; and those tickets land you field level seats. Want a dog or a beer? Those won’t break your budget either. Concession prices at farm games are fair, and most teams offer weekly $1 beer nights. Our very own Clippers offer Dime-a-Dog nights, a truly worthwhile promotion.

The most creative promotions in sports.

Farm league games are notorious for their promotions to attract fans to the game. Arguably the best special promotion goes to the team in Fort Myers. “George Constanza Night” drew inspiration from the Seinfeld character’s strategy to do everything backwards to generate good luck. The club paid people for parking in their lot, switched the men’s and women’s rest rooms, and ran the scoreboard from the 9th inning to the 1st. A nice touch, players asked fans for autographs after the game.

Big time talent on a small stage.

No bones about it – these guys are talented. They’ll give you a game every single outing, motivated by the chance to prove themselves and earn their spot. Most players that end up in the show have their start with farm teams, giving you tomorrow’s talent right in your backyard. Occasionally, a big league star will drift down to the farm team to work out a slump or rehab an injury on a smaller stage.

Local teams thrive on local support. Get out of the house this week, head down to the local park, and root on the boys while having a darn good time.

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