4 Great Occasions to Gift a Trophy Bat


trophy bat

Wood trophy bats are the do-it-all gift for any occasion. From surprising your budding baseball or softball all-star, to impressing your boss or coworkers, wood trophy bats come in all shapes and sizes, and can be personalized with engraved messages, designs, and colors.

The wood bat is a timeless object representing professionalism and aspiration, and looks great hanging in the home or office, decorating a shelf, or simply leaning elegantly in the corner of a room, and is an assured crowd-pleaser at giveaways, raffles, or charity fundraisers.

Here are a few examples to help get you started:

1. Celebrating Births (and Birthdays!)

For many of you hardcore American Baseball fans, you like to begin shaping your future pro player at a young age. Give the gift of slugging on day one by celebrating a newborns day of birth with an engraved miniature or full sized bat, complete with the baby’s full name, date of birth, and even place of birth. You can make it powder blue for boys, bright pink for girls, or even the make it the colors of the child’s future professional team! It will be a cherished heirloom for the rest of the child’s life, and you could make it a fun tradition by gifting a personalized trophy bat for any birthday thereafter.

2. Congratulating the Graduate

After your young baseball player or fan has navigated the rocky terrain of high school, and been accepted to his or her college of choice, commemorate the occasion with a customized trophy bat to fully commit the feeling of accomplishment and elation to memory. Have the trophy bat painted with the colors of his or her future alma mater, and it will serve as a symbol of success and ambition. This idea also applies to your college graduates, as they will love a commemorative trophy bat to take with them as they venture into the professional landscape and into unknown cities, states, or countries.

3. Career Milestones & Corporate Events

career trophy bat

When your coworker hits a major professional milestone - maybe five, ten, or fifteen years with the same company, you want to get him or her a gift the represents hard work and dedication, so a custom trophy bat is the perfect choice. As a specialized and difficult-to-master tool for professional batters, a trophy bat captures the essence of a hard-earned anniversary in any profession, and can of course be customized entirely to match the date of the work anniversary, the company, and the person receiving it.

Trophy bats are perfect in bulk for corporate events as well. Don't just give your employees or customers traditional gifts. With the ability to personalize each bat with an engraved logo or brand colors, these bats make the perfect corporate gift that people will actually want to receive.

4. Commemorating Love

In the mountain of gifts that weddings bring about, make your gift stand out with a beautifully customized bat. Get a bat engraved with the new couple’s names and wedding date, or get a black and white his-and-hers matching set to decorate their shared home. Even our trophy bats are made of the finest rock maple wood, representing a strong relationship, and they are guaranteed to last as they adorn a home.

We hope these ideas helped you in your search for a perfect gift, and be sure to ask us for more ideas and tips as you craft your customized wood trophy bat. Be sure to contact us if you need any further assistance in your design or purchase!

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