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Bat Selection Help Form

Please fill out our bat consulation questionnaire below to receive advice on which bat is right for you.

Email address must be entered to receive a response.

Your Name*
Height feet and inches (ex 5' 9")
Weight lbs
What wood bat sport is this for? Baseball
When you mishit, which one are you more likely to do? Get jammed towards the handle
Hit it off the end of the barrel
What type of hitter are you? Contact hitter: mostly singles to get on & score
Gap hitter: some extra bases & occassional HR
Power hitter: they're looking at you for the bomb
Do you put a lot of tape on your handle? Yes
Do you prefer to feel the bat's knob against your palm? Yes, I want my hand to rest fully on the knob
A little: just enough so my hand won't slip off
No, I tape the knob up so that I don't feel it
If swinging wood now, what make and model are you swinging?
Additional comments

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