A Simple Fundraiser

Team members, relatives, friends…anyone you want…purchase wood game bats, end-of-season award bats, and any accessories from Phoenix Bats, via the web or phone.

At the end of each month, Phoenix Bats sends a check for a portion of each purchase to the team manager, booster club, or whomever.

It's Easy to Get Started

Just let parents, relatives, friends, sponsors, or anyone who wants to help, know about the program. Upon checkout, they use an easy-to-remember code…and your team gets money!

Have a website or email list? We’ll provide the tools you need to maximize your fundraising.

And Easy to Administer

Pass supporters the info and we do the rest –order fulfillment, monthly sales reporting, and getting you a check. No forms to fill out, no guaranteed quantities needed, no money up front.

Savings for Your Team and Funds for Your Program

Contact us for more details. We’ll have you ready to go in no time.

Local: 614.873.7776
Toll Free: 877.598.2287