Custom Engraving

Want to be like our pros and have your signature on your bat? Have a logo or picture you want added? There's just a one-time $25 set-up fee on the 1st order with no per bat charge.See below for important instructions for ordering multiple bats with the same logo.

NOTE: Pro team logos and most college logos cannot be used as they are trade-marked. Trademarked logos may not be used, unless you own the rights to that logo. Even if you find a version of a logo that does not have the trademark symbol, it is not permissible for use if it is the same logo as the trademarked logo.

Please keep in mind that horizontal logos work better than vertical logos, when you have a choice of logos to use. Also, the smaller the bat, the harder it is to keep fine details. So, on a mini bat, it is very hard to get a logo with a lot of find detail to engrave well. See below for logo review information

To add your signature to your bat: Take a medium point Sharpie (a fine point, pen, or pencil won't work) and write your signature on a clean white piece of paper. Make it large enough so the lines don't mesh together; we can resize it. It's always best to include a few signatures on the same sheet. Either scan and email it to or send it to us at:
Phoenix Bats Attn: Bat Autograph 7801 Corporate Blvd Suite E Plain City, OH 43064

For engraving a logo or picture, we need a high resolution image. Here are details:

  1. .jpg file type preferred
  2. File size of 150+k or higher (the more detail, the larger the file size needed) or 600 dpi. The bigger the better.
  3. If you are working with a graphics person, please tell them line art is preferred (but not a must).
  4. We can accept .jpg, .eps, .cdr, .jpeg, .pdf, .tiff file types

Good rules of thumb to know if a logo will work:

  1. Cannot be pulled off of a website (ex. trying to save a logo viewed on the homepage of a team's website)
  2. If you zoom in on it, it shouldn't get real "blocky" or fuzzy - pixels should not look like boxes or the image appear blurry.
  3. The best logos are those that don't use similar shades to distinguish between parts of the logo.

Always feel free to email us a logo for review (, but please don't send an image saved from a webpage - they never work. Thanks.


No need to enter each bat individually; we make it easy for you to get your order in.

STEP 1: Add 1 bat to your order with your choices of color(s), text engraving for one of the bats, and your custom logo. Add this bat to your cart.
STEP 2: Come back to this page. Select the color & additional quantity of bats in the QTY box. DO NOT RE-ADD YOUR LOGO. 
STEP 3: At Checkout page, Comments field, add a note: Please add logo to all bats (or explain to which bats if not all bats get the logo).
These 3 steps insure you only get charged one time for the logo up front. This avoids excess hold on your credit card between order receipt and Phoenix manually adjusting the total at the time of order completion. Plus, it saves you from having to add each of your bats, one at a time, to the Shopping Cart. 

ALREADY HAVE YOUR LOGO ON FILE? Have it added to your bats for free!

Leave the Custom Engraving blank. During Checkout, Step 7 “Special Instructions” add the following verbiage:
“Please add <image name> logo on file to <”all bats” or list specific model(s)>
Ex. Please add Westerville Warhawks logo on file to B455 33”

For easy steps for entry of your text engraving, see the FREE Text Engraving and Handle Engraving (if applicable) “Learn More” pop-up.

If you would like a free evaluation of a logo or artwork for engraving, please email